Steeping, Breathing & Streathing Your E Liquid

Steeping is the process of aging your e-liquid, which helps to produce and extract more flavor.  In e-liquid sense, this is an important process depending on how your e-liquid was made, and what your personal preference for taste is.  Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced professional, at one point everyone has opened up a bottle of a much anticipated juice only to find that it taste like perfume, or has no smell to it at all.  What happened and where is my flavor?  Welcome to the world of steeping! Welcome to, we are here to help!

Before opening any bottle it’s best to shake the bottle first as heavier particles fall to the bottom of the bottle when it’s not in use.  This way you can gauge your level of satisfaction right off the bat before deciding if the flavor needs adjusted by steeping.  As a side note, some people prefer ‘swirling’ the juice, like a fine red wine, rather than shaking.  It’s basically all about personal preference and to complete the same goal of making sure all the ingredients are distributed evenly.  There is also no need to proceed further with steeping, or making you wait longer than necessary if your flavor is exactly what you want straight out of the bottle!  You vape and decide.

Other flavors may hold a strong, perfume taste, or scent to them.  This is usually eliminated with steeping.  If the flavor persists, the e-liquid may still need some extra steeping.  If you experience a nasty, burnt taste when vaping, it could be that you are letting the atomizer get too dry, or your battery is turned too high.  It’s not the juice.  If the burnt taste persists, try cleaning your atomizer if it’s dirty, replace the head (wick and coil unit) or turning down your battery as each flavor tends to vape better on different battery settings.

So now on to the differences


Leaving nipple top and cap on the bottle and letting in sit for a week or so. Most juice you buy is pre-steeped but it can help the molecules blend together better.

Here at we recommend that you find a clean, dark place away from natural sunlight, in a cool, dry, undisturbed place that is also a safe place away from children and pets in case of an accidental spill.  A refrigerator or freezer suggested to keep flavors fresh and long lasting.


Taking off the Nipple top and cap will allow more oxygen through. Only to this for 12 hours or you can lose flavor and weaken your nicotine strength. You are now letting your e-liquid breathe!  You are starting a process to extract more flavor from your juice in a shorter time. Some people like to place juice in a warmer spot to help push those molecules together. If you choose to do so we recommend you steep afterwards for 2-3 days.

Some e-liquids will get darker or lighter, caused by the air and light reacting with the nicotine.  Liquids that become darker is called “tanning”.  Sometimes the “tanning” color is a good indication if the steeping process has even started on liquids that you have just purchased.  Some distributors make their e-liquid fresh and made-to-order, others, although few, won’t ship their liquid until they have steeped their own juice for a week.  At  We how ever do Not steep ours, the reason being we believe that you should decide how your juice should taste. So therefore you decide whether it is Steeped, Breathed, or Streathed


Yep you guessed right it’s doing both!

First Breathe for 12 hours then…

Replace dripper and lid and either shake or swirl to get all those heavier particles that fall to the bottom of the bottle moving around.  Shaking or swirling helps to loosen up the particles and creates a more even, stronger, fuller flavor.

Optional to Breathe again….and Steep again

Suggestions on how long you let your e-liquid steep varies on taste.  Some people prefer 24-48 hours, while others go broke and go weeks at a time.  A simple calculation is as follows, but once again it depends on where your flavors were purchased. Everyone’s taste buds are different, so your own preference may be different.

Fruit flavors are usually good out of the bottle, but in case you think they could do better with some added steeping, we suggest overnight to 3 days.

Creamy or bakery flavors are usually best to let steep for 7 days.  This is especially true with cinnamon, marshmallow, cream and custard flavors.

Tobacco flavors are good if they are steeped 7-10 days, but it is not unheard of for people to let them steep for a couple weeks (some vapor pro’s suggest basement or cellar temps for tobacco flavors to become darker, richer and more intense over time when stored underground).

It is a good idea, that whatever choice you make, that you replace the lids on your bottle and give them a good shake, or swirl, daily and then place them back on the shelf topless.  Over time,

Helpful hint!  Certain flavors can stay in your atomizer for a long time if you are using a plastic tank.  These can and may include, cinnamon, fruit flavors, cola and menthols.  If you notice these flavors carrying over, you can wait it out or you can clean your atomizer!  But a new upgrade to a Pyrex tank can also be your next move to eliminate flavors stacking on top of each other!  Once again, it is all personal preference.

Steeping is wonderful way to extract more flavor and is easy to do once you learn which flavors will need the most steeping and which ones will not.  It will also help you in future purchases.  If you are really craving the Cheesecake, and you know it will take 3-7 days to steep, then you can plan your purchases accordingly and eliminate your waiting time before your current bottle runs dry.  Happy vaping!