Potent GANJA Flavored Juice

This flavor is not for everyone, please consider trying a smaller size first.

 It has a skunky , grass taste "Does not contain THC" 

Most may not enjoy it but some absolutely love it .


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Gary Williams on 8th Jul 2019

I'd give less stars but I can't. The juice was horrible. I had to change coils after trying this juice. Puffed it about 7 times and I about threw up. Absolutely the worst juice I've ever had. Tossed it I can't smoke it no need in keeping it.

ganja juice

dankey doodle on 25th May 2019

after all the anticipation of waiting for this to arrive, i could not have been more DISAPPOINTED!!! this stuff tastes absolutely terrible! has a weird almost celery like taste... SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

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Logan Laskey on 22nd Apr 2019

Awesome top quality ejuice made even better by pin point customization. My new favorite juice company

ganja juice

Suzanne Jones on 9th Apr 2019

I love the flavor mix with cbd oil very satisfying very happy with this product.