Potent GANJA Flavored Juice

This flavor is not for everyone, please consider trying a smaller size first.

 It has a skunky , grass taste "Does not contain THC" 

Most may not enjoy it but some absolutely love it .


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Kevin Kofta on 22nd May 2020

I've been searching for something that tastes like the real thing! I hit the jackpot with this juice!! Love that the smell and the flavor actually lasts!! Definitely a lifetime customer. Thanks


Yves Fillion on 30th Apr 2020

The product tastes just like the real thing with no after taste and stinky breath.If you can’t get enough of weed or quitting but miss the taste then this product is for you

Ganja juice

Sam Raymond on 31st Mar 2020

Great stuff

Ganja juice

Sam Raymond on 17th Mar 2020

This last batch doesnt see to have as much flavor as last time.

I'm a repeat buyer/vaper

Allen Donze on 21st Sep 2019

It,s a fairly smooth vape

Recent purchase

Logan Laskey on 22nd Apr 2019

Awesome top quality ejuice made even better by pin point customization. My new favorite juice company

ganja juice

Suzanne Jones on 9th Apr 2019

I love the flavor mix with cbd oil very satisfying very happy with this product.